Life Rant

Oh my goodness you guys, has it been quite a year. I really need to start blogging more. I’ll add it to my growing list of things to do. But I’m ready to put my heart out, so, here goes…

I left the Air Force in January 2015 after some great moments and a lot of bad ones. Knowing that I enjoyed my time in spurts, I also knew I wanted to go and pursue other avenues. I also left knowing full well I didn’t have a job, or college lined up, or even where I wanted to live. Not to mention, college wasn’t even my thing. I dropped out halfway in to my sophomore year because I was failing everything (half partying and half not giving a flying f***). I even picked a major I knew I would never do anything with, Business Administration. Really, these days, unless you have an MBA, good luck. So, off to Las Vegas I went. And unfortunately, it wasn’t all what I thought it was cracked up to be. Visit? Absolutely. Live? No thanks. I had an awesome roommate, but I couldn’t land a job despite resume after resume turn-ins, and the closest community college was 30 minutes away, and I refused that kind of drive for school. Especially when I had no idea what I even wanted to major in. So, in that period of time I searched for other places, to find an empty lot in Texas that was ready for a house to be built on it. So, what did I do? Took a little money out of savings, put it down on the house, and started building. YES, BUILDING. My house will be done in a few short months, and I couldn’t be more excited. In that time, I earned my personal trainer certification. I also got hired on as a non-military style bootcamp instructor with Texas Fit Chicks. Plus I enrolled myself back in to school for nutrition. Not only that, but I completed 8 credits during the summer semester and nailed it with a 4.0 GPA, WHILE moving my belongings across the country and dealing with a family emergency that had me in and out of the hospital constantly. Think that’s not enough? I also landed an interview with LA Fitness for a position I never imagined I could even land an interview for-a Personal Trainer Director. So, let’s recap. I bought a lot. I’m building a house. I went back (and nailed) college, picked up an amazing job, and well on my way to another. Here is where the rant comes in…


The day I bought my lot, I called my parents. I love them both dearly, and who wouldn’t be excited for their kid? Not my father. I immediately get grilled on why I’m building and not purchasing a pre-built home, where was that money going to come from, why Texas, etc etc etc. I explain to him it’s a fantastic neighborhood, I had the money (thank you, VA disability), I had just landed my job interview with Texas Fit Chicks, and I had a friend I could stay with until the house was done. Mind you, my house is a month or so out from completion, and I still get the 3rd degree. I understand loving your child so much you want them constantly under your thumb, but seriously, let it go. Just this week alone, I heard stories of parents spending 20, 30, 40k on their kids’ weddings. How I have friends who are still on their parents car insurance, let alone their couch. How family members make phone calls to get their kids a job. How their parents send them money every month because their credit cards are maxed out and they can’t afford groceries. By all means, I am no rags to riches story, but I have definitely had my struggles. Hence, why I joined the military. I needed to grow up (also got backlash from my father about doing that too). I purchased my own car without help, I pay all of my own bills, I’m building my own house, I paid for my summer semester of college, and I paid for everything when I moved for me AND my father. I’m talking plane tickets, hotel rooms, meals; the whole 9 yards. I was so grateful for his help, that I wanted to show him how immensely appreciated it was. When, if ever, I get married, I don’t plan to ask for his help. My mother is retiring from her job soon ¬†and they are moving, so I don’t expect them to have that sort of money later on down the road. I should also disclaimer that I am a little jealous of those who’s parents pay for everything, and I’m not coming down on them. I just find it frustrating that I am accomplishing all these great things, and I barely get a “hey, nice job” and be done with it.


So, in closing, I’m patting my own self on the damn back. I’m proud of everything I have accomplished, and craving to do more. I give anyone credit for stepping up and pushing forward with life, no matter how bad it might get. Life is a string of experiences, and I’m taking this as a learning one. I have some amazing friends and family who have cheered me on this whole time, and I couldn’t be more grateful for them. I can proudly say at 27, I’m getting my life together. It’s been a long, hard, bumpy road…but it’s finally getting paved and I can only hope for a smooth ride here on out. Even if there are a few potholes.


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