“Super” Bowl Sunday

Well, if any of you watched the game yesterday, you’ll know what I mean. Big congratulations to the Seahawks for taking it all the way. Broncos fans…sorry for the loss. But really, the game as a whole was terrible. The commercials weren’t funny, and the only thing that was fairly decent was the half time show. All in all, I was pretty disappointed. Anyways, on to my post for the day. Tonight I’ll be making chicken wings with almond flour and posting my recipe, so be on the lookout for tonight’s post. Might not be until after yoga, but I’ll get to it. I got to say, being wheat free has been amazing. Until last night. I gave in to my cravings of breaded wings and Stromboli. And boy, was that a bad idea. All last night I felt sick. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t get comfy. This morning I woke up sluggish and groggy. I think I’ve realized my body officially wants to rid me of wheat for forever and it’s telling me I will continue to be miserable until I do. I’m also excited to say I’ve ran into a couple people today that I’ve seen recently (within the past month or so), who pointed out I looked like I’ve lost weight. I haven’t checked the tape yet (not really a scale person), but I know I feel so much better. I don’t feel bloated, my skin is clearer, and my anxiety is at an all time low. And that’s in a few short weeks! Anyone else cut wheat or sugars and noticed a difference?


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