Well, here it is! My new fitness page is up and running! I still have to get some of the page organized and altered, but that’ll be done soon enough. Here you can find your health and wellness needs, everything from recipes to holistic remedies. If you have any questions or an interesting topic or product you would like me to look in to, please let me know. I love being a guinea pig for that type of stuff.

So I guess getting things off the ground, I’ll start with hair care. For a little over a week, I have completely ditched my shampoo and conditioner. Sounds disgusting, right? Who DOESN’T shampoo their hair? Well, I’m still washing it. Just with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I was pretty skeptical when I first read about it, and decided it was worth a shot anyway. And I have to say…the first time I tried it, I was floored. My hair didn’t feel dry and my hair wasn’t falling out in clumps. Since then I have noticed a huge difference in how healthy my hair and scalp feels. And that’s from a week! Another suggestion was coconut oil. I used it one time and it made my hair look and feel so greasy I couldn’t stand it. I’ll give a couple more weeks with my current regimen before I’ll try it again and keep you posted. if you want to try it, the directions are super easy. Baking soda becomes a paste when mixed with water. You can create a paste before you get in the shower or during. I wait until I get in, since when the baking soda touches your wet hair it will become a paste instantly. I spread it throughout my hair from root to tip, let it sit for a couple minutes, then rinse. I prefer as simple ACV (apple cider vinegar) as possible. I purchase the BRAGG’s ACV, which is raw/naturally GF/unfiltered, and in a glass jar. As simple as you could get. I repeat the same process with the ACV that I do with the baking soda, and while I let it sit I’ll usually wash the rest of my body/shave my long-overdue legs, etc. The smell is pretty strong and a little hard to stomach (at least for me) at first, but after a couple days I didn’t have a problem. Even after drying I don’t smell the vinegar. Granted, it’s not “lovely lavender” or “tangerine explosion”, but it’s free of dyes and perfumes and much, MUCH healthier. Your hair will definitely thank you.


Please let me know if you’ve had any success or tips in the comments below!


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